born in 1969

1997 exam in architecture

1999 freelance photographer


Sven Jacobsen’s career in photography reflects his life philosophy.

He is self-taught and steered clear of a conventional education.

In 1997, he obtained his diploma in architecture,which he was content to draw on as a blueprint for his budding work as a freelance

photographer, extrapolating functional compositions from minimal means.

In order to achieve an effect, one must follow a concept’s innate dynamics and recognize the paths flowing from them.

What is simple only is good if the means are an afterthought and materialize on their own.

While architecture bows to its function, the photograph remains a personal statement.


Sven Jacobsen´s photography is distinguished by a strong draw back to more simplicity and awareness.

It is a radical demand to preserve genuine truth in an over-engineered world, which he strives to capture in his pictures. 

He tries to find bliss in the simplest things and aesthetics of the moment, , in order to render a mood visible.

he is mostly concerned with emotionality, lightness and authenticity.

For him it is important finding the essence of things, going back to ones roots, back home, embracing imperfections and spreading warmth and truth.

This is what he portrays in his emotional and warm picture language, which defies the modern day need for perfection.

His images are something of an homage to a world that is very close and beckons daily.



2018                 Personal Icons, 96 Pages 300x300mm  Seltmann Und Söhne Verlag Berlin

2012                   back to mama, 272 pages 300x240mm  kehrer verlag heidelberg / berlin

2008                   i love, 144 pages, 113 images,size 300 x 210mm

2007                   artbuyer germany 2008, 320 pages,size 240 x 300mm  seltmann und söhne verlag berlin

2004                   safari, 120 pages, b/w portraits,size 210 x 250mm

2002                   schön, 120 pages, 85 images,size 210 x 270 mm